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Information provided by Plant Reactome: a resource for plant metabolic and regulatory pathways and comparative analysis. Using curated rice pathways as a reference,
the Plant Reactome predicts pathways in other plant species on the basis of Compara and Inparanoid super-cluster orthology.
The database uses the Arpil 2019 (Gramene r61) release of Plant Reactome.

Pathway Name
13-LOX and 13-HPL pathwayPathwayGene List
Acyl-CoA synthetase pathwayPathwayGene List
Alanine biosynthesis IIIPathwayGene List
Allantoin degradation IPathwayGene List
Amine and polyamine biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Amino acid biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Amino acid catabolismPathwayGene List
Amino acid metabolismPathwayGene List
Aminopropanol biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Ammonia assimilation cyclePathwayGene List
Anther and pollen developmentPathwayGene List
Anthocyanin biosynthesis (delphinidin 3-O-glucoside)PathwayGene List
Anthocyanin biosynthesis (pelargonidin 3-O-glucoside, cyanidin 3-O-glucoside)PathwayGene List
Arginine biosynthesis IPathwayGene List
Arginine biosynthesis II (acetyl cycle)PathwayGene List
Arginine degradationPathwayGene List
Arsenic uptake and detoxificationPathwayGene List
Ascorbate biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Asparagine biosynthesis IPathwayGene List
Asparagine biosynthesis IIIPathwayGene List
Asparagine degradation IPathwayGene List
Aspartate biosynthesis IPathwayGene List
Auxin signallingPathwayGene List
Auxin transportPathwayGene List
Beta-alanine betaine biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Beta-alanine biosynthesis IIPathwayGene List
Beta-alanine biosynthesis IIIPathwayGene List
Biotin biosynthesis IIPathwayGene List
Brassinosteroid biosynthesis IIPathwayGene List
Brassinosteroid signalingPathwayGene List
Calvin cyclePathwayGene List
Canavanine biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Carbohydrate metabolismPathwayGene List
Cardiolipin biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Carotenoid biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Cellulose biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Chlorophyll a biosynthesis IPathwayGene List
Chlorophyll a biosynthesis IIPathwayGene List
Chlorophyll cyclePathwayGene List
Cholesterol biosynthesis IPathwayGene List
Cholesterol biosynthesis II (via 24,25-dihydrolanosterol)PathwayGene List
Cholesterol biosynthesis III (via desmosterol)PathwayGene List
Choline biosynthesis IPathwayGene List
Choline biosynthesis IIIPathwayGene List
Chorismate biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Circadian rhythmPathwayGene List
Citrulline biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Citrulline-nitric oxide cyclePathwayGene List
CMP-KDO biosynthesis II (from D-arabinose 5-phosphate)PathwayGene List
Cofactor biosynthesesPathwayGene List
Coumarin biosynthesis (via 2-coumarate)PathwayGene List
Cyanate degradationPathwayGene List
Cysteine biosynthesis IPathwayGene List
Cysteine degradationPathwayGene List
Cytokinins 7-N-glucoside biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Cytokinins 9-N-glucoside biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Cytokinins-O-glucoside biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Cytosolic glycolysisPathwayGene List
DetoxificationPathwayGene List
Development of root hairPathwayGene List
Divinyl ether biosynthesis II (13-LOX)PathwayGene List
Dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Ent-kaurene biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Ethylene biosynthesis and signalingPathwayGene List
Ethylene biosynthesis from methioninePathwayGene List
Fatty acid and lipid metabolismPathwayGene List
Flavin biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Flavonoid biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Folate polyglutamylation IPathwayGene List
Folate polyglutamylation IIPathwayGene List
Fructan biosynthesisPathwayGene List
GA12 biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Galactose degradation IIPathwayGene List
Galactosylcyclitol biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Gamma-glutamyl cyclePathwayGene List
GDP-D-rhamnose biosynthesisPathwayGene List
GDP-L-fucose biosynthesis I (from GDP-D-mannose)PathwayGene List
GDP-mannose metabolismPathwayGene List
Generation of precursor metabolites and energyPathwayGene List
Generation of superoxide radicalsPathwayGene List
Gentiodelphin biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Geranylgeranyldiphosphate biosynthesis II (plastidic)PathwayGene List
Gibberellin biosynthesis I (non C-3, non C-13 hydroxylation)PathwayGene List
Gibberellin biosynthesis II (early C-3 hydroxylation)PathwayGene List
Gibberellin biosynthesis III (early C-13 hydroxylation)PathwayGene List
Gibberellin signalingPathwayGene List
Glutamate biosynthesis IPathwayGene List
Glutamate biosynthesis VPathwayGene List
Glutamate degradationPathwayGene List
Glutamine biosynthesis IPathwayGene List
Glutathione biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Glutathione redox reactions IPathwayGene List
Glutathione redox reactions IIPathwayGene List
Glycerol degradation IPathwayGene List
Glycine betaine biosynthesis IIIPathwayGene List
Glycine biosynthesis IPathwayGene List
Glycolipid desaturationPathwayGene List
Growth and developmental processesPathwayGene List
Histidine biosynthesis IPathwayGene List
Homocysteine biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Homoserine biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Hormone signaling, transport, and metabolismPathwayGene List
Hydroxycinnamic acid serotonin amides biosynthesisPathwayGene List
IAA biosynthesis IPathwayGene List
IAA biosynthesis IIPathwayGene List
IAA biosynthesis VI (via indole-3-acetamide)PathwayGene List
Inflorescence developmentPathwayGene List
Inorganic nutrients metabolismPathwayGene List
Intracellular auxin transportPathwayGene List
Iron uptake and transport in root vascular systemPathwayGene List
Isoleucine biosynthesis from threoninePathwayGene List
Jasmonic acid biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Jasmonic acid signalingPathwayGene List
Kievitone biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Lactucaxanthin biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Leucine biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Leucodelphinidin biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Leucopelargonidin and leucocyanidin biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Linear furanocoumarin biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Lipid-A-precursor biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Long day regulated expression of florigensPathwayGene List
Lycopene catabolismPathwayGene List
Lysine biosynthesis IPathwayGene List
Lysine biosynthesis IIPathwayGene List
Lysine biosynthesis VIPathwayGene List
Lysine degradation IPathwayGene List
Lysine degradation IIPathwayGene List
Maackiain biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Mannose degradationPathwayGene List
Medicarpin biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Metabolism and regulationPathwayGene List
Methionine biosynthesis IIPathwayGene List
Methionine salvage pathwayPathwayGene List
Methylerythritol phosphate pathwayPathwayGene List
Mevalonate pathwayPathwayGene List
Mitochondrial pyruvate metabolismPathwayGene List
Momilactone biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Monoterpene biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Mugineic acid biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Myo-inositol biosynthesisPathwayGene List
NAD biosynthesis I (from aspartate)PathwayGene List
Nitrate assimilationPathwayGene List
Nucleotide metabolismPathwayGene List
Oleoresin monoterpene volatiles biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Ornithine biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Pantothenate and coenzyme A biosynthesis IIIPathwayGene List
Pantothenate biosynthesis IPathwayGene List
Pantothenate biosynthesis IIPathwayGene List
Pantothenate biosynthesis IIIPathwayGene List
Peptidoglycan biosynthesis IPathwayGene List
Phaseic acid biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Phenylalanine biosynthesis IPathwayGene List
Phenylalanine degradation IIIPathwayGene List
Phenylpropanoid biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Phenylpropanoid biosynthesis, initial reactionsPathwayGene List
Phospholipid biosynthesis IPathwayGene List
PhotorespirationPathwayGene List
Phylloquinone biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Phytic acid biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Phytic acid biosynthesis (lipid-independent)PathwayGene List
Phytyl-PP biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Pinobanksin biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Plastid glycolysisPathwayGene List
Polar auxin transportPathwayGene List
Polyisoprenoid biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Proline biosynthesis IPathwayGene List
Proline biosynthesis V (from arginine)PathwayGene List
Proline degradationPathwayGene List
PRPP biosynthesis IPathwayGene List
Putrescine biosynthesis IPathwayGene List
Putrescine biosynthesis IIPathwayGene List
Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate salvage pathwayPathwayGene List
Pyridoxamine anabolismPathwayGene List
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) homeostasisPathwayGene List
Recognition of fungal and bacterial pathogens and immunity responsePathwayGene List
Regulation of seed sizePathwayGene List
Regulatory network of nutrient accumulationPathwayGene List
Removal of superoxide radicalsPathwayGene List
Reproductive meristem phase changePathwayGene List
Reproductive structure developmentPathwayGene List
Response to Aluminum stressPathwayGene List
Response to cold temperaturePathwayGene List
Response to heavy metalsPathwayGene List
Response to iron deficiencyPathwayGene List
Response to phosphate deficiencyPathwayGene List
Response to submergencePathwayGene List
Responses to stimuli: abiotic stimuli and stressesPathwayGene List
Responses to stimuli: biotic stimuli and stressesPathwayGene List
Resveratrol biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Root structure developmentPathwayGene List
S-adenosyl-L-methionine cyclePathwayGene List
S-methylmethionine cyclePathwayGene List
Salicylate biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Salicylic acid signalingPathwayGene List
Secologanin and strictosidine biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Secondary metabolismPathwayGene List
Seed developmentPathwayGene List
Short day regulated expression of florigensPathwayGene List
Spermidine biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Spermine biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Sphingolipid metabolismPathwayGene List
Starch biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Sterol biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Strigolactone biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Strigolactone signalingPathwayGene List
Suberin biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Sucrose biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Sulfate activation for sulfonationPathwayGene List
TCA cycle (plant)PathwayGene List
Tetrahydrofolate biosynthesis IPathwayGene List
Tetrahydrofolate biosynthesis IIPathwayGene List
Thiamine biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Thiosulfate disproportionation III (rhodanese)PathwayGene List
Threonine biosynthesis from homoserinePathwayGene List
Threonine degradationPathwayGene List
Transition from vegetative to reproductive shoot apical meristemPathwayGene List
Trehalose biosynthesis IPathwayGene List
Trehalose degradation IIPathwayGene List
Tricin biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Tryptophan biosynthesisPathwayGene List
tyrosine degradation IPathwayGene List
UDP-D-apiose biosynthesisPathwayGene List
UDP-D-glucuronate biosynthesis (from myo-inositol)PathwayGene List
UDP-D-xylose biosynthesisPathwayGene List
UDP-L-arabinose biosynthesis I (from UDP-xylose)PathwayGene List
UDP-N-acetylgalactosamine biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Underwater shoot and internode elongationPathwayGene List
Ureide biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Valine biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Valine degradationPathwayGene List
Vegetative structure developmentPathwayGene List
Vitamin E biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Wighteone and luteone biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Xylan biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Xylogalacturonan biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Xyloglucan biosynthesisPathwayGene List
Xylose degradationPathwayGene List