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Marker Annotation Report

This analysis shows the results of using BLAST to match the markers sequence in the T3 database to the the wheat genome sequence.
The BLAST results link to GBrowse URGI and Ensembl genome browsers. The top level page gives a summary of the matching markers for each experiment.
Select the match link to view the BLAST hits for each experiment.

Methods: A marker is identified as a match if either
1. the sequence homology is > 99% and aligment length is > 95% of the query sequence.
2. there is only one mismatch and the alignment length is > 95% of the query sequence.
The analysis uses blastn v2.2.28+ with the following arguments "-outfmt 6 -dust no -word_size 16 -task megablast -evalue 1e-08".

Experimenttotal markersTGACv1
TCAP90K_HWWAMP2155520199 (94%)
TCAP90K_CSRVAL142155520199 (94%)
TCAP90K_HWWAMP_SRPN2155520199 (94%)
TCAP90K_YQV142155520199 (94%)
VRND4_UCD_20151637115277 (93%)
HWWAMP_2013_GBS5817238499 (66%)
CornellMaster_2013_GBS4806932715 (68%)
SynOP_GBS_2012BinMap1975315933 (81%)
SynOP_GBS_2012AntMap14851295 (87%)
WorldwideDiversityPanel_9K63056138 (97%)
TCAP90K_SpringAM_panel3413732053 (94%)
TCAP90K_NAMparents_panel3413832054 (94%)
TCAP90K_SWWpanel3413832054 (94%)
TCAP90K_LeafRustPanel3413732053 (94%)
NSGCwheat9K_winter_fac56345471 (97%)
NSGCwheat9K_spring56345471 (97%)
NSGCwheat9K_4X65386352 (97%)
CNL_PilotWinterPlate3848832 (98%)
MSU_PilotSpringPlate1848832 (98%)
WES_PilotWinterPlate2848832 (98%)
WES_PilotWinterPlate1848832 (98%)
WES_PilotSpringPlate3848832 (98%)
WES_PilotSpringPlate2848832 (98%)
WAS_PilotSpringPlate2848832 (98%)
UMN_PilotSpringPlate2848832 (98%)
UMN_PilotSpringPlate1848832 (98%)
UIA_PilotSpringPlate2848832 (98%)
UCD_PilotSpringPlate2848832 (98%)
TAM_PilotWinterPlate2848832 (98%)
SDK_PilotWinterPlate3848832 (98%)
SDK_PilotWinterPlate2848832 (98%)
SDK_PilotWinterPlate1848832 (98%)
SDK_PilotSpringPlate1848832 (98%)
OKS_PilotWinterPlate3848832 (98%)
OKS_PilotWinterPlate2848832 (98%)
OKS_PilotWinterPlate1848832 (98%)
NEB_PilotWinterPlate3848832 (98%)
NEB_PilotWinterPlate2848832 (98%)
NEB_PilotWinterPlate1848832 (98%)
MSU_PilotWinterPlate3848832 (98%)
MSU_PilotWinterPlate2848832 (98%)
KSM_PilotWinterPlate3848832 (98%)
CSU_PilotWinterPlate3848832 (98%)
CSU_PilotWinterPlate2848832 (98%)
CMT_PilotSpringPlate3848832 (98%)

In 2009 the Toronto International Data Release Workshop agreed on a policy statement about prepublication data sharing. Accordingly, the data producers are making many of the datasets in T3 available prior to publication of a global analysis. Guidelines for appropriate sharing of these data are given in the excerpt from the Toronto Statement.

I agree to the Data Usage Policy as specified in Toronto Statement.