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Genotyping experiment 2017_WheatCAP


Experiment Short NameWheatCap
Platformsequence capture
Data ProgramKansas State University - Akhunov Lab (KSA)
Breeding ProgramKansas State University (KSM)
OPA Namenone
Processing Date6/23/17
Software versionnone
CommentsGenotype data from exome capture of all parents of bi-parental families being used for fine mapping of yield component QTL in the Wheat CAP project. Variant calling done using the GATK. Filtered to remove multiallelic SNPs, removed heterozygous sites, and keep only those singletons that had depth of coverage of 10x. The data will be used to determine the predicted effect of polymorphisms in the coding regions using SIFT and tools developed by T3. The data was aligned to IWGSC WGA v1.0.

976558 markers were assayed for 36 lines.

(lines and markers)


Removed by filteringRemaining
136283 markers have a minor allele frequency (MAF) less than 5%
352095 markers are missing more than 10% of data
467287 markers removed
509271 markers

Maximum Missing Data: %     Minimum MAF: %    

Additional files available

Samples (germplasm lines)
Manifest (markers used)
Cluster File
Raw dataall_filtered_snps_0.25_biallelic_het_SingleDp10.FullCoor.hmp

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