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The Gene Id link provides information on markers in T3 and external links to protein, expression, and pathway information.

Genome AssemblyDescription
Wheat_PangenomeMontenego JD, et al., Whole-genome sequence reads from 18 wheat cultivars were mapped to the new Chinese Spring assembly
TGACv1IWGSC.39, Triticum aestivum CS42 whole genome assembly. Assembled using modified DISCOVAR + SOAP and scaffolds classified into arm bins using CSS reads
RefSeq_v1URGI, IWGSC RefSeq v1.0, annotation v1.1
RefSeq_v1Ensembl Plant release 40, IWGSC RefSeq v1.0, annotation v1.0

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Gene IdTranscriptNameBinDescription
TraesCS1A01G000100TraesCS1A01G000100.11AtRNA (cytidine(34)-2'-O)-methyltransferase
TraesCS1A01G000200TraesCS1A01G000200.11ALatent-transforming growth factor beta-binding protein 3
TraesCS1A01G000300TraesCS1A01G000300.11ACoiled-coil domain-containing protein
TraesCS1A01G000400TraesCS1A01G000400.11AATP synthase gamma chain
TraesCS1A01G000500TraesCS1A01G000500.11APolyketide cyclase/dehydrase and lipid transport superfamily protein
TraesCS1A01G000600TraesCS1A01G000600.11AATP synthase gamma chain
TraesCS1A01G000700TraesCS1A01G000700.11Alectin protein kinase family protein
TraesCS1A01G000800TraesCS1A01G000800.11AProtein TAR1
TraesCS1A01G000900TraesCS1A01G000900.11AHomogentisate 1,2-dioxygenase
TraesCS1A01G001000TraesCS1A01G001000.11AMediator of RNA polymerase II transcription subunit 12

In 2009 the Toronto International Data Release Workshop agreed on a policy statement about prepublication data sharing. Accordingly, the data producers are making many of the datasets in T3 available prior to publication of a global analysis. Guidelines for appropriate sharing of these data are given in the excerpt from the Toronto Statement.

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