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Experiment Set UMN Variety Trial

Trials in this Experiment

Year Location Trial
2016 Crookston, MN-USA VT_2016_Crookston
2016 Fergus Falls, MN-USA VT_2016_FergusFalls
2016 Kimball, MN-USA VT_2016_Kimball
2016 Lamberton, MN-USA VT_2016_Lamberton
2016 LeCenter, MN-USA VT_2016_LeCenter
2016 Roseau, MN-USA VT_2016_Roseau
2016 Stephen, MN-USA VT_2016_Stephen
2016 Waseca, MN-USA VT_2016_Waseca
2017 Crookston, MN-USA VT_2017_Crookston
2017 Fergus Falls, MN-USA VT_2017_FergusFalls
2017 Lamberton, MN-USA VT_2017_Lamberton
2017 LeCenter, MN-USA VT_2017_LeCenter
2017 Morris, MN-USA VT_2017_Morris
2017 Roseau, MN-USA VT_2017_Roseau
2017 Saint Paul, MN-USA VT_2017_Buckthorn
2017 Saint Paul, MN-USA VT_2017_Smut
2017 Stephen, MN-USA VT_2017_Stephen
2017 Waseca, MN-USA VT_2017_Waseca
2018 Fergus Falls, MN-USA VT_2018_FergusFalls
2018 Lamberton, MN-USA VT_2018_Lamberton
2018 LeCenter, MN-USA VT_2018_LeCenter
2018 Roseau, MN-USA VT_2018_Roseau
2018 Saint Paul, MN-USA VT_2018_Buckthorn
2018 Saint Paul, MN-USA VT_2018_Smut
2018 Stephen, MN-USA VT_2018_Stephen
2019 Crookston, MN-USA VT_2019_Crookston
2019 Kimball, MN-USA VT_2019_Kimball
2019 Lamberton, MN-USA VT_2019_Lamberton
2019 LeCenter, MN-USA VT_2019_LeCenter
2019 Morris, MN-USA VT_2019_Morris
2019 Rochester, MN-USA VT_2019_Rochester
2019 Roseau, MN-USA VT_2019_Roseau
2019 Saint Paul, MN-USA VT_2019_Buckthorn
2019 Saint Paul, MN-USA VT_2019_Smut
2019 Stephen, MN-USA VT_2019_Stephen
2019 Waseca, MN-USA VT_2019_Waseca

In 2009 the Toronto International Data Release Workshop agreed on a policy statement about prepublication data sharing. Accordingly, the data producers are making many of the datasets in T3 available prior to publication of a global analysis. Guidelines for appropriate sharing of these data are given in the excerpt from the Toronto Statement

I agree to the Data Usage Policy as specified in Toronto Statement.