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Data Submission

  • Data templates are Excel, .txt, or .csv worksheets with column headers for the data T3 requires or accepts.
  • The example values can be replaced with your own. Notes about the restrictions for valid data are included in the templates.
  • Once populated, the files can be loaded into T3 using the Curate menu, which is available to registered Sandbox users.
  • To make updates or corrections, edit your file and reload.
  • Please use the wheat or barley Sandbox database for test-loading your files. When they're ready, click here to submit them to the T3 Curator for loading into the official database.

Instructions - Rules for filling in the templates, and sequence of submission
Tutorial1 Register Login
Tutorial2 Line Submission
Tutorial3 Creating line panels
Tutorial4 Phenotype data
Tutorial5 Uploading Marker information
Tutorial6 Creating Marker Panels
Tutorial7 Genotype Experiments and Data
Tutorial8 T3 and Android FieldBook

Data Templates

Topic Link Modified Contents
Germplasm Lines Wheat06Nov17 Name, synonyms, pedigree for wheat
Barley06Nov17 Name, synonyms, pedigree for barley
Oat06Nov17 Name, synonyms, pedigree for oat
Genetic Characters29Jan16 Genes, QTLs, trait-linked markers, market class
Name conversion macros29Jan16 Excel spreadsheet to convert germplasm names to T3 formatted names.
Phenotyping Traits29Jan16 Please discuss with the curators before adding a new trait.
Trial description29Jan16 Location, planting date, experimental design...
Trial means29Jan16 Values for all traits for test lines and checks, summary statistics
Plot-Level Results29Jan16 Trait values for each plot
Fieldbook29Jan16 Field map
Canopy Spectral
CSR System29Jan16 Instrument annotation
CSR description29Jan16 Description of the CSR experiment
CSR results29Jan16 Data file format
Genotyping Experiment description29Jan16 Platform, software, manifest file, experiment details...
Line translation29Jan16 Line Name and Trial Code
Illumina data29Jan16 alleles for lines and markers (coded as A or B)
GBS data29Jan16 alleles for lines and markers (coded as ACTG, N = missing, H = heterozygous)
GBS data, over 100K markers07Nov14 instructions for loading large GBS data sets using the command line
DArT data29Jan16 alleles for lines and markers (coded as 1 = present, 0 = absent)
Experiment results (1D)29Jan16 1D table of alleles for lines and markers
Markers Sequence Generic29Jan16 Marker sequences and allele definitions
Sequence Illumina OPA29Jan16 Markers from Illumina Manifest, Golden Gate OPA format
Sequence Illumina Infinium29Jan16 Markers from Illumina Manifest, Infinium HD format
Markers from DArT29Jan16 Markers from Diversity Array Technologies
Gene function29Jan16 Sequence annotations and name synonyms
Genetic Character markers29Jan16 Trait-linked markers named for their associated gene or QTL
Map location29Jan16 Genetic maps

In 2009 the Toronto International Data Release Workshop agreed on a policy statement about prepublication data sharing. Accordingly, the data producers are making many of the datasets in T3 available prior to publication of a global analysis. Guidelines for appropriate sharing of these data are given in the excerpt from the Toronto Statement

I agree to the Data Usage Policy as specified in Toronto Statement.