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Marker 3_1311

Marker name 3_1311
Updated on 2013-07-30 14:44:48
A allele
B allele

Marker Types

Marker Type Name
OPA SNP Name View


DatasetEntryDataset Description
HARVEST_U3212532Close Lab: HarvEST Assembly 32 Unigene Number
HARVEST_U3521372Close Lab: HarvEST Assembly 35 Unigene number
NCBI BLASTN hitAK371398Top BLASTN hit in July 2013
NCBI ProteinIDBAK02596.1Predicted protein (NCBI) of top BLASTn hit, July 2013
Silent SNPyesDoes the SNP affect the protein product?
Top BLASTN hit speciesHordeum vulgare subsp. vulgareOrganism with the top BLASTN hit in July 2013
U35_RICE_DESCRIPTIONprotein expressed proteinClose Lab, using HarvEST Barley Assembly 35

Marker Synonyms

U35_21372_64 EST Name View
3_1311 POPA Name View

Allele Information

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