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Gene Annotation HORVU4Hr1G042800

Gene id HORVU4Hr1G042800
Transcript HORVU4Hr1G042800.9
Gene name
Gene reference Ensembl Plant
Assembly name 4
Description Peptidylprolyl isomerase [Source:UniProtKB/TrEMBL;Acc:A0A287NVM9]
Start 339944751
Stop 340005832
Bin chr4H
Uniprot A0A287NVM9
Goa A0A287NVM9 cell differentiation [GO:0030154]; chaperone-mediated protein folding [GO:0061077]; embryo development ending in seed dormancy [GO:0009793]; embryonic pattern specification [GO:0009880]; establishment of cell polarity [GO:0030010]; lateral root development [GO:0048527]; protein peptidyl-prolyl isomerization [GO:0000413]; response to cytokinin [GO:0009735]; unidimensional cell growth [GO:0009826]; very long-chain fatty acid biosynthetic process [GO:0042761]
Updated on 2020-06-17 06:36:52
KnetMiner IBSC v2HORVU4Hr1G042800
JBrowse IBSC v2HORVU4Hr1G042800

Markers near this gene - none

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