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NSGC Barley (NB)

Available Datasets

Year Trial Name Traits
2013 NSGC_SFNB_2013_NDSU_DEN2.6 spot form net blotch (1-5)
2013 NSGC_SFNB_2013_NDSU_FgoB10Ptm1 spot form net blotch (1-5)
2013 NSGC_SFNB_2013_NDSU_NZKF2 spot form net blotch (1-5)
2013 NSGC_SFNB_2013_NDSU_SG1 spot form net blotch (1-5)
2012 GRINcore_2012_Agron_Aberdeen kernel weight
2011 GRINcore_2011_Agron_Aberdeen kernel weight
2011 NSGC_SFNB_2011_FargoGH spot form net blotch (1-5)
2010 GRINcore_2010_Agron_Aberdeen kernel weight
2008 GRINcore_2008_StripeRust_Davis stripe rust severity
2007 NSGCcore_2007_BozemanDry heading date (Julian),plant height
2007 NSGCcore_2007_BozemanIrr heading date (Julian),plant height
2006 GRINcore_2006_StripeRust_Davis
2006 NSGCcore_2006_BozemanDry heading date (Julian),plant height
2005 GRINcore_2005_StripeRust_Davis stripe rust severity
2004 GRINcore_2004_StripeRust_Davis
2003 GRINcore_2003_StripeRust_Davis stripe rust severity
2002 GRINcore_2002_StripeRust_Davis stripe rust severity
2001 GRINcore_2001_StripeRust_Davis stripe rust severity
2000 GRINcore_2000_StripeRust_Davis stripe rust severity
1996 GRINcore_1996_Agron_Aberdeen heading date (Julian)
1996 GRINcore_1996_StripeRust_Bolivia stripe rust severity
1995 GRINcore_1995_Agron_Maricopa heading date (Julian),plant height
1995 GRINcore_1995_StripeRust_Bolivia stripe rust severity
1994 GRINcore_1994_StripeRust_Bolivia stripe rust severity
1993 GRINcore_1993_StripeRust_Bolivia stripe rust severity
1992 GRINcore_1992_StripeRust_Bolivia stripe rust severity
1991 GRINcore_1991_StripeRust_Bolivia stripe rust severity
1987 GRINcore_1987_SpotBlotch_Athens kernel weight,spot blotch reaction type (1-9)
1986 GRINcore_1986_Agron_Aberdeen heading date (Julian),plant height
1985 GRINcore_1985_Agron_Aberdeen heading date (Julian),kernel weight,plant height
1984 GRINcore_1984_Agron_Aberdeen kernel weight

In 2009 the Toronto International Data Release Workshop agreed on a policy statement about prepublication data sharing. Accordingly, the data producers are making many of the datasets in T3 available prior to publication of a global analysis. Guidelines for appropriate sharing of these data are given in the excerpt from the Toronto Statement

I agree to the Data Usage Policy as specified in Toronto Statement.