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NDSU Plant Pathology (MWP)

Available Datasets

Year Trial Name Traits
2009 FHB-BA_2009_Langdon DON,FHB Severity
2009 FHB-MN_2009_Langdon DON,FHB Severity
2009 FHB-N2-Expt13_2009_Langdon DON,FHB Severity
2009 FHB-N2-Expt41_2009_Langdon DON,FHB Severity
2009 FHB-N6-Expt21_2009_Langdon DON,FHB Severity
2009 FHB-N6-Expt3_2009_Langdon DON,FHB Severity
2009 FHBN_2009_Fargo DON,FHB Severity
2009 FHBN_2009_Langdon DON,FHB Severity
2008 FHBN-BA_2008_Fargo DON,FHB Severity
2008 FHBN-BA_2008_Langdon DON,FHB Severity
2008 FHBN-BA_2008_Osnabrock DON,FHB Severity
2008 FHBN-MN_2008_Fargo DON,FHB Severity
2008 FHBN-MN_2008_Langdon DON,FHB Severity
2008 FHBN-MN_2008_Osnabrock DON,FHB Severity
2008 FHBN-N2_2008_Fargo DON,FHB Severity
2008 FHBN-N2_2008_Langdon DON,FHB Severity
2008 FHBN-N2_2008_Osnabrock DON,FHB Severity
2008 FHBN-N6_2008_Fargo DON,FHB Severity
2008 FHBN-N6_2008_Langdon DON,FHB Severity
2008 FHBN-N6_2008_Osnabrock DON,FHB Severity
2008 FHBN_2008_Crookston DON,FHB Severity,heading date
2008 SBAdult_2008_StPaul spot blotch infection coefficient,spot blotch severity
2007 CRRT_2007_Langdon08 CRR Severity
2007 FHBN-BA_2007_Osnabrock DON,FHB Severity
2007 FHBN-MN_2007_Osnabrock DON,FHB Severity
2007 FHBN-N2_2007_Osnabrock DON,FHB Severity
2007 FHBN-N6_2007_Osnabrock DON,FHB Severity
2007 FHBN_2007_Crookston DON,FHB Severity,heading date,plant height
2007 FHBN_2007_StPaul FHB Severity
2007 SBAdult_2007_StPaul spot blotch infection coefficient,spot blotch severity
2006 CRRT_2006_Langdon07 CRR Severity
2006 FHBN-BA_2006_Osnabrock FHB Incidence
2006 FHBN-MN_2006_Osnabrock FHB Incidence
2006 FHBN-N2_2006_Osnabrock FHB Incidence
2006 FHBN-N6_2006_Osnabrock FHB Incidence
2006 FHBN_2006_Crookston07 DON,FHB Severity,heading date,plant height
2006 FHBN_2006_Fargo DON,FHB Severity,heading date,kernels per spike
2006 FHBN_2006_Langdon DON,FHB Severity,heading date,kernels per spike
2006 SBAdult_2006_StPaul spot blotch infection coefficient,spot blotch severity

In 2009 the Toronto International Data Release Workshop agreed on a policy statement about prepublication data sharing. Accordingly, the data producers are making many of the datasets in T3 available prior to publication of a global analysis. Guidelines for appropriate sharing of these data are given in the excerpt from the Toronto Statement

I agree to the Data Usage Policy as specified in Toronto Statement.