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Genotyping experiment 2006BOPA1_UT_Plate6


Experiment Short NameUT_Plate6
Data ProgramUSDA-ARS Fargo, ND (NDG)
Breeding ProgramUtah State (UT)
Processing Date1/27/10
SoftwareIllumina Genome Studio
Software version2010.3
CommentsThis is a re-collection of data performed in 2010 after the original data collected was determined to be of poor quality.

1437 markers were assayed for 96 lines.

(lines and markers)


Removed by filteringRemaining
431 markers have a minor allele frequency (MAF) less than 5%
131 markers are missing more than 10% of data
441 markers removed
1095 markers

Maximum Missing Data: %     Minimum MAF: %    

Additional files available

Samples (germplasm lines)Sample_Sheet_2006plate6USU.csv
Manifest (markers used)GS0007511-OPA.opa
Cluster File2006OPA1plate6_113007clusterfeb08.EGT
Raw data

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