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Compare the trait values for 2 or more trials

Use the Select Wizard or Select Traits and Trials to choose trials and one or more traits.

Number of TrialsAnalysis Function
2Calculate an index by selecting which trial is the normal or baseline condition.
Select the Index to be used for the calculation. The formula may be modified
from from the selected index using valid R script notation.
more than 2Plot trait value for each line vs. trial. Trials are skipped if they have missing
values for that trait.

Error: Select trials before using this page
Error: Select traits before using this page

In 2009 the Toronto International Data Release Workshop agreed on a policy statement about prepublication data sharing. Accordingly, the data producers are making many of the datasets in T3 available prior to publication of a global analysis. Guidelines for appropriate sharing of these data are given in the excerpt from the Toronto Statement

I agree to the Data Usage Policy as specified in Toronto Statement.