Pedigrees Of Oat Lines

POOL Database

This site contains a database called POOL (Pedigrees of Oat Lines), originally developed by Agriculture and Agri-food Canada (AAFC), and now maintained as a collaborative effort by AAFC and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) GrainGenes project. The POOL database can be cited as:

The development and curation of POOL has been funded, in part, by the Prairie Oat Growers Association (POGA) and by the Quaker Oats Company, Quaker Gatorade Tropicana Canada Inc.


The POOL web pages provide a simple interface to a database that contains information about oat varieties and their pedigrees. This interface allows users to search for information without worrying about the technical details of the database.

POOL can be used to trace the ancestry of oat varieties, or to look up descendants of oat varieties -- in the same way that people track their own genealogy. Among other uses, the data in POOL can assist oat breeders in the identification of varieties that are related to (or divergent from) other oat varieties. For example, this could help breeders maintain genetic diversity by avoiding crosses between varieties that are highly related.

Substantial effort has been made to incorporate accurate information into the database, and to identify the source of all information. Records in this database represent, as closely as possible, the information obtained directly from primary sources. To avoid introducing further error, comments, place names, institution names, and variety names are presented in the language in which the information was obtained. Where conflicting or ambiguous information has been found, comments have been added to alert the user.

An important feature of this database is the incorporation of multiple names or synonyms for some oat varieties. We have attempted to identify a single "preferred name" for every variety, and to attach all synonymous names that have been used. Separate references are given for each variety and for each name that has been used to identify that variety. Frequently, the same synonym is used for more than one variety. However, when the same preferred name is used for more than one variety, we have modified that name to reflect the origin (e.g. "Marion (Canada)", "Marion (USA)", and "Marion (Brazil)" are three distinct oat varieties with different origins and parentages).

In a large database, it is inevitable that errors or misinterpretations will occur. The POOL database authors and curators make no claim about the accuracy of this information, and we encourage users to validate all information derived from this database prior to use in any decision that could result in economic or other critical impact. All groups affiliated with this database take no responsibility for damages or harm caused by information presented in this database.


Nick Tinker (nick.tinker AT agr.gc.ca)